We are a well-established Doggy Day Care Centre created especially for those owners looking for a safe, caring and exciting environment for their pets to spend the day. Using our ten years of previous experience and knowledge working with your precious pets, we have been able to make an exclusive centre that presents a unique and exciting theme which we think will truly impress your pooches.

About our service

At K9 Cabin we offer unlimited amounts of TLC for your doggies who are always supervised by our friendly trained staff. Our day care centre has a number of enclosed play areas which enables us to offer dedicated areas for Puppy’s, Small and Medium / Large dogs. We focus on quality not quantity and to create a space that is not over crowded we only allow 15-20 dogs in each section; this allows our staff to dedicate more personal interaction time with your dog.

During the day we organise outdoor walks and activities, basic training, K9 enrichment, group play and games offering personal interaction throughout their stay.

Please note before attending your dog must complete a dog assessment which costs £12 (3 hours). Please contact us today if you have any additional questions or to book your assessment.

What to expect


Now your dog is ready for the day it might be time to tackle the assault course or catch up with some of your friends.


Our daycare walks come complimentary when you book your doggies place at daycare, just one of the many bonuses we offer!


End the day with some professional obedience training. We love to add training to our doggies daily routine to keep them stimulated.

Our happy doggy customers

Take a look at some of our happy customers who currently enjoy the facilities at our doggy day care centre in Manchester.

Doggy Dare Care - Open 5 Days A Week Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm
In our care your pooches are treated like the individuals they are. We ensure your pet is relaxed, comfortable and enjoys there stay with us. Book your assessment today!